Chat GPT

These essays are written a month or so before being posted, so perhaps all the excitement about a true AI chatbot has died down. After all, who cares if it can do what students and a few professional writers can do? 

Ah, but it is yet another massive revolution. Born near 1950, I have lived through several _ communications, computers replacing clerks, automation of factories. Few realize how profoundly today is different from a century ago. AI is about to do the same and more.

To begin with, it will quickly wipe out office jobs. AI and the cloud can fill out forms, track activities, and do everything in an office better than people. Wait until that unemployment hits.

But I also think it may gradually take over all intellectual exercises. It can correlate patterns, more quickly than human geniuses. It is possible there will be little if any “mind work” left for anyone.

What we will have left will be simply being animals. Exercise, hedonism, and politics. An awful fate, some may say. But very much like the ideas of classic Greeks and aristocrats through the ages

I predict, a very different civilization.

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