Old Drone

Revered ancient philosophers and even modern ones were, surprisingly, what most Americans would consider drones. The ancient male Greek intellectuals and most societies since have believed that having to work at a trade disqualified you from rational meditation.

As far as I can tell, the “great thinkers” of antiquity walked around talking and drinking and complaining a lot. A few of them had their words written down by other people. The great minds of the Enlightenment were mostly hanging out in salons and estates supported with incomes from remote lands. A few, of course, sponged off the wealthy.

Today our most influential self-inflated professional prophets work in education or media, which may at times be tedious or stressful, but is certainly not laying bricks, flipping hamburgers, or standing on an assembly line.

The internet, however, has brought a new set of drones to the forefront. People living okay, with some free time, who can now write and opine incessantly. I’m not sure if that is good or bad, but it is certainly different. As a retired person _ a drone myself _ who admires some of the ancient wisdom I remain confused, often fearful, sometimes optimistic.

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