Left Alone

The basic “crie du coeur” of conservatives is that “they just want to be left alone.” All is well with their part of the world. Protect their rights and their property with their laws and all will be well forever. Why in the world would anyone want massive changes?

Well, almost. They want to be left alone as long as everyone else conforms. Obviously the courts must stop neighbors from immoral actions, even if they never touch us directly. Immoral, by the way, is anything I personally don’t approve of.

Perhaps this approach worked in the days of the open frontier. But in our current crowded and interconnected civilization, “no man is an island” is a quaint memory. We have become like cells in a body, dead together if we don’t get along.

“Left alone” to use electricity, go shopping, improve our yards at the expense of anyone nearby. “Left alone” to enjoy being free of robbery and crime. “Left alone” to consume whatever we do not directly produce. What an absolutely thoughtless statement.

The old political labels, like many things, are obsolete. All we have left are the shells of slogans, screamed by the power-mad, supported by those who are truly (by wealth and power) in enough control to be left alone.

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