Not much, but fun

There is time enough for many of us to do – if not all things, at least a near Infinity of them. That has been especially true in cultures of abundance. But exactly what should we choose with so many ways to fill our sometimes infinite-seeming moments?

I tend to pity those specialists who can only consider diving more deeply into what they know. The universe abounds in rich choice and ignoring it all seems a shame. But the specialists claim they are happy, and who am I to judge?

I have always preferred something a little different, if not too extreme. In my case, for a while, that was painting. It seemed to give me a little bounce, an alternate path to enchantment, and a small escape from daily routine boredom.

Smart folks, I suspect, all have such escapes, varying according to means and circumstance. Sometimes it is just a vacation. For others, a hobby with a bit more depth – art, cooking, running, and so forth. Makes us aware of a world beyond our usual concerns.

Those of us who can are fortunate to be in an era when such exploratory freedoms are possible. Balancing all this also must be one of the goals of a philosophic attitude toward life.

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