Death Watch

Montauk Daisies brighten first chill

The gods, or god, or the universe, or whatever, is a constant and ruthless killer. Homicide, femicide, infanticide are just part of its murderous repertoire. It is ruthless in especially seeking out the weak and the old, but it varies its methods to deal unsuspected and surprising blows. Always effective. 

A religion or philosophy that ignores these facts is itself dead on arrival. Not only why must we die, not only what does it mean that we die, but most importantly what does a consideration of certain death mean for how we live each of our moments.

This is obviously a topic that I must return to again and again. But I know some things for certain:

  • There is no escaping death. 
  • The death of people whom we never knew nor knew about does not much affect us. 
  • Properly aroused, any one of us can become an agent of death. 
  • And society too often resorts to it as a tool for control.

And the elephant in the room is that we are constantly immersed in death, not only in our own replicating cells, but also in our daily meals and habits. Of course in such cases we do not kill people, but the end of life remains.

Thus I open a discussion as I, like others, try to understand what is the proper way to feel – as I do – that I am an immortal while simultaneously knowing I am not.

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