Short and Bittersweet

Early Autumn begins to turn colorful

What is the right length to communicate a thought? Depends on the circumstances. A vote is simple yes or no, a lecture can go on for hours.

An aphorism must embody seeds of contradiction and complexity, or it is a vapid slogan. An entertainment can go on for a long time with only a simple goal to engage an audience with laughter, tears, or forgetfulness. Traditionally an essay has been useful at least for the last half millennium or so.

I am limiting my attempts here to one handwritten page of lined paper. That means no long, involved chains of logic. But also, like essays and aphorisms, self-contained. Something I would hope to inspire thought, rather than settle provocative issues.

This is an era when written and spoken communication is far cheaper on a mass scale than it ever was. Sure, in the old days, a bar room conversation or argument could continue for weeks, but it remained local. Now via electronics the transitory and internal are commingled and impossible to separate. So it shall be with these small attempts to help myself understand what I may believe this moment.

Not always profound, nor happy, nor desperate. Just more words and thoughts cast out to the void, imagined for the fun of it.

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