Goldenrod fills fall meadows

Joan and I went out to eat with her cousins in Port Jefferson. I remember it from decades ago as a fairly dowdy place, a little run down. Today it is all sparkling, upbeat, and bustling with crowds on a late August weekday afternoon.

As an elder boomer I do believe I misread the signs of the times. It’s traditional for old people to lament the times. Nostalgia makes the past seem much more lovely than ever it was. Yes, bread was cheap and we left our doors unlocked _ but nobody accepted checks, there were no credit cards, banks were closed on weekends and every day by 3:00, and nobody had all that much money anyway.

“But, well, we were happy,” we say.  But well, to all appearances, so are a lot of young folks today. It is just a lot different.

Transition times are hard on the aged. It is so easy to focus on the awful.  Sometimes I just want to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

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