Late summer view

A scientific age tries to rely on concept management. We can think of most concepts as defined by properties. An object is heavy, red, contains silica, for example. A force has so much inertia or strength. Even emotions are strong or weak. And so on. Furthermore almost all concepts can be broken down into components each  with their own properties.

And all properties in the scientific world are exclusive, although quantum physics have changed some of that.  Generally, a piece of gold is not tin.  Something that weighs 10 oz does not weigh 30 ounces..

But none of that works with philosophical concepts. Good or hate cannot be subdivided _ something can easily be good in some ways and not good in others. More than that, those very properties and their relative importance change constantly as our perception of them changes. In philosophy, it seems, no concept truly has intrinsic definitions.

So we must wonder can we even share a language here? Can my hazy definition be understood by you? If we reach agreement now will we still agree tomorrow?

Much easier to reach long-term consensus on a lump of lead.

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