Everything in our universe is infinitely amazing

Much has been made of the multiverse _ the idea that there are entire universes which differ from one another. But we have always been aware of that _ we each inhabit a unique universe of our own and only partly intersect in a supposed commonality.

There may always be disagreements on whether or not there are any or many, or the nature of “objective realities.” Even when we seem to agree on crude values and concepts _ “it is day” _ we may never accept each other’s evaluation as to whether it is “a nice day.”

Our perspectives change dramatically. In my universe I am the only really important certainty. In a general agreement of the “real objective universe,” I am irrelevant and insignificant. In your universe I may very well be missing altogether.

So let me propose the concept of an “isoverse” which is the common path where you, I, and objective reality share the same existence. Only in and about our isoverse can we agree, argue, act, and communicate.

Our isoverse can be exclusive, or it can contain others, forming a cult of those who see life the same way.

In effect a group of philosophers.

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