Hazy Daze


September brings a land of frequent mists, when the dew evaporates into humid low-hanging haze, and the frequent rapid temperature changes produce low clouds and fogs.  And my brains, also, goes into a kind of haze knowing how soon it will all become bleak, with many dark times until the coming later spring.

But no matter how foggy my perceptions may be, they manage to keep a sharp eye out for that ivy which is in its fully shiny poisonous glory everywhere!


Sure, it’s all green and inviting – but the far shore is dimmed.  Time grows ever more short.  Tomatoes not picked will quickly rot, and snappers not caught off the docks in the next few weeks become full-fledged bluefish and flee into deeper waters.

Fine old Chinese painting ink on silk with light watercolors, as the markers read in the museum.  One reason to enjoy and try to appreciate art is to be able to reward yourself by applying it to the views available to us all the time.  In this case, it would almost be a shame to seek to improve it by actually picking up a pencil or brush, although such an exercise can, of course, deepen our enchantment with being even more.


Annuals are all finishing up now, sending fluffs of seeds into each breeze.  Some would think their brief lives are sad, if weeds could feel such emotions, but any life for any time is infinitely longer and richer than anything else in the universe, including rocks and the atoms themselves.  In any case, it is just me who emphasizes so with their plight, and enjoys their form against the unfocused far bank.
First falling leaves already dotting the tide, but the boaters hardly notice.  The hardy ones, like these used by clammers to get to their moorings, often go all winter as long as the harbor isn’t froze over.  But all the pleasure craft usually are winterized by December.  The season, I’ve noticed, has been pushing back later and later.  Superstorm Sandy gave everyone a bit of shock last year, but procrastination is the order of the day when you’re paying a fortune for a room on the waves.
Sat –

Spartina grass seeding into the high tide while you can just barely discern tinges of seasonal color change in the trees and other vegetation.  Not all of September is haze, of course, but from now on the clear days often mean cooler days with high pressure systems coming in from the North, and the warmer days are filled with fog and rain, both from the southerly breezes and from contrasts of water and air temperatures.  It’s a fine time to be about and take a deep breath and be enchanted by overwhelming beauty and perfection.

Sun –

The old dock at the mansion was effectively destroyed by hurricane Sandy, when the high tides and waves were breaking over the deck so that the supports were ripped up and the piles pulled up.  Nobody has gotten around to removing it yet, there are certainly not enough funds in the county budget to fix it up.  Of course, the lawyers made them put up a fence with legalese signs, but that’s all ignored.  Somehow, the verdant ragweed growing in front of it is completely appropriate.




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