• From time to time, directed by decaying neurons, anger at phantom heads on television, or just plain orneriness, I am inspired to write an extended essay on something or other.  There is no place for them in my normal blog format, so I hide them away here on a back page.  
  • No hopes of changing the world, even if I say something useful.  Just feel better that somehow, in putting them in public view that I have at least exposed them to other eyes.
Essays, by date published

A Philosophic Manifesto – February 23, 2017.
  • Inspired by an article on the bxx Foundation, this is a summary of what I think Philosophers should concentrate on next.  In short, it advises ignoring science and “common objective reality” for contemplation of individual fulfillment and a person’s relation to society.  
  • The essential idea is that humans “clump” into social units such as family and tribes, and that the most extensive unit _ common civilization _ has a primary obligation to preserve itself by suppressing or destroying outlaws who might wreck our common planet.
  • Full Document –A Philosophy Manifesto

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