Lacking Struggle

The most interesting and horrifying stories are always about “my struggle.” Sometimes the problems are external, sometimes self-inflicted, but overcoming adversity is seen as extremely admirable.

But what of those of us who for one reason or another have never descended to the pits of Hell? Nobody wants to hear about “my lack of struggle” or “an easy life.” That’s viewed as pretty useless, in the grand scheme of things.

This culture has been steeped in social darwinism and entrepreneurial meritocracy. We take our “survival of the fittest” seriously. It is a moral fundamental. 

I look around and I see the environment differently. A mighty oak just happened to grow where the acorn fell, not struggling every minute nor killing all around. Just getting through a few storms, droughts, and other crises. And I see myself and a lot of other people the same way.

There is no reason to ignore the oak tree as boring. No reason to disrespect those who quietly fit into society and lived their lives. I wonder these days if those who attempt mighty deeds are not responsible for most of our troubles.

But I cannot struggle against the powers that be, except by quietly going about my business. That is not what anybody wants to hear in these troubled times.

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