Zeno Quantumized

That swift Achilles can never overtake a tortoise in a race was proved by Zeno with impeccable logic. That the logic was wrong _ or rather that its fundamental assumptions were _ could be seen by any spectator. And so, I wonder about the currently accepted and clearly logical multiverse.

There are many things in the world that prove to be impossibly complex. Myself surely does not feel like 35 trillion cells, each one a busy little molecular factory. Yet I accept it is so. There is a validity and provable use to the concept that goes far beyond math and logic.

At a commonsense level, the multiverse is silly, as is the idea that I am not one entity. But in the quantum reality of math, my hunch is that common sense is more like the spectator of Zeno’s race. Just because math can be made to fit observations does not mean that math proves anything else.

Speculating about alternate reality is, in fact, like speculating about angels dancing on a pinhead. “Oh no!” shout the physicists, “we have provable predictions!”

But I suspect their own complex irrefutable logic bears, in the end, a striking resemblance to that of a certain ancient Greek.

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