Our civilization seethes with contradictions. For example, strong efforts are being made to erase racism, sexism, ageism and the thousand other isms the mind is heir to. On the other hand, rarely has real life and the newfangled internet been so uncivil. Sometimes, it seems that putting others into categories and making fun of them _ or worse _ is just part of human tribal behavior. The most corrosive remaining effects of isms tend to be internal. Society can attempt to combat the most overt issues with legal remedies, but none of us can ignore that what we are conditions how the world sees us, For better or worse. 

Facetiously, I mention heightism, simply because I am quite short. It took a while to learn I would not easily pick up girls in bars, for example. Most leadership positions also tend to drift toward the bigger types. 

So we learn offsetting traits to be more clever or more obnoxious or whatever to compensate for  whatever innate handicap we seem to endure. And we are always a little envious of those born with silver spoons.

I believe all isms should be resisted tooth and nail. On the other hand, for me or anyone else to pretend I am not a short person and refuse to mention that fact is pure madness.

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