Technological hubris believes that civilization can now control everything everywhere. We quickly extend that into assuming somebody somewhere is responsible for all that happens. Including our troubles.

Nothing new. In the old days when God or the gods controlled the universe we could blame them. Or perhaps the evil subset summoned by witches. It’s human nature. 

Also human nature to try to make a quick buck, which is why our civilization is also chock full of lawyers, who invoke the incantations and exorcisms in a dead language. Probably better than trying to punish the imagined culprits ourselves.

Naturally we dream of recourse. Our current superhero movies are nothing more than extravagant revenge fantasies. Find those causing our problems and eliminate them and all will be sweetness and light.

The problem, of course, is that we first pick scapegoats like those ancient witches. Then we elevate some plain old general or politician to superhero status. And if we are really deep in the blame game we let them have all the power they say they need.

Meanwhile the plain fact is that civilizations are a lot less powerful and knowledgeable then we hope. The universe itself is chaotic and unpredictable.  Nobody and nothing controls much of anything.  Which is truly frightening.

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