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Some days it seems there is nothing I could ever think or write in a novel way. No reason to try, with so many others doing or having done the same thing. In the words of Louis Armstrong “everything’s been done before.”

As in that song, sometimes it is just fine to want to do what has been done before. Enjoy beauty, eat dinner, write a blog, even think about meaning and what is right. Even though repetitious, fun and useful and after all most of our lives are habitually monotonous. Which can be good.

Of course I am aware I live in different times. No ancient Greek drove a motor car 60 miles an hour when at the age of 75. No medieval scholar contemplated quantum effects or the big bang theory. Each day something new and different roils my contemplations.

But with the proper attitude I try to assume that each thought, like each day, is fresh _ even though just another thought, just another day. I’ve thought this before? Okay. I had the same breakfast? So what, it still tastes good right now.

Living truly in the moment requires a certain degree of willful amnesia. Wonder is often spiced by surprise. And so I say _ well, just what I have said, along with everyone else.

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