Western philosophy often seems to invoke a duality of mind and body. Or a tripartite division into mind, body and soul. Even deeper cross-sections, for example of mind into super-ego, ego, and id.

The most common metaphor is the charioteer, controlling his animal team to deliver himself where he has been directed to go. On examination that falls apart, and not only because we cannot figure out who is telling who to do what or why.

We consist of trillions of cells in an incomprehensible chemical dance. In some ways our consciousness is just along for the ride. Nobody can will themselves to not sleep, or to stop bleeding, nor even most basically to avoid death. And even trivial spasms from that vast assemblage of protoplasm _ like a toothache or a need to pee _ can subvert or end the most concentrated philosophic speculations.

Yin and yang don’t really describe us. Even holistic seems simplistic. We do, after all, often think of stuff at odds with our animal needs and reactions. We strive to be in control but we are also happy to simply drift in hedonistic leisure. In other words, it’s complicated. And chaotic quantum complication should be the starting point of how we begin to figure everything out. A belief in simplicity is illusion.

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