Sins of the Children

Our enlightened society claims that individuals are rarely responsible for the actions of others. I will not go to jail for murder if my father kills someone. 

Yet our religiously inspired politicians often do decide to punish children for the sins of their parents. If the mother lives in poverty with no job, she is judged a lazy shiftless bum. Regardless of whether that is true, the actual leverage is applied via her family. If they are starving, ill clothed, and badly sheltered with poor prospects for the future _ why then she will be motivated to work hard and become a productive citizen.

That has never worked, and spelled out it seems not only illogical but also outrageously cruel and evil. But those same politicians whine that it is worse to break up familial bonds of love. The only greater mistake, they claim, would be for the state to give parents something for nothing.

No matter that children in wealthy homes get a free ride. That is the judgment of heaven. Let the poor suffering little brats inspire their progenitors to work hard and become millionaires themselves.

Unfortunately, this thinking becomes increasingly easy in a populous electronic world, where there are no individual girls and boys _ just masses of statistics. The politicians may be good people but their religions leave something to be desired.

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