Academic Dues

Just read a newish book What do we owe the future which is a take on academic philosophy. That will inspire a few essays. Overall, I was impressed at the earnestness, but dismayed at the irrelevance. A lot like trying to read through an ancient theological paper explaining the hierarchies of heavenly hosts.

In short, I could hardly accept the basic assumptions. After that, I found most of the logic indefensible. And of course that would make all conclusions suspect, except that the author had only the most nebulous conclusions. And none at all that relate to our actual daily lives.

A perfect foil for my own approach, which is to avoid the ineffable and concentrate on the philosophy of breakfast. 

What most amazed me _ as I suppose a medieval peasant would be amazed at writers _ is that some people can make a living in such a way. In fact one of the admired philosophers described raced about like a madman, constantly coming up with algebraic formulations of morality while ignoring, as far as I could tell, all else about him.

Yet, I am grateful for the kick in the mind, to give me a pleasant week or so of my own ruminations on the subject.

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