Our lawyer neighbor with one child is putting in an Olympic-sized ground pool. In our climate it can be used only a few months a year, and we know from past experience they will probably use it only a couple of times a month. But it is prestige and useful for parties.

On the one hand, I am amused. In the long run it is after all a hole dug followed by a hole to be filled a decade or so later. On the other, I am kind of horrified at useful resources thrown into such a wasteful potlatch.

The socialist in me would rather he be taxed more. The capitalist in me argues he earned it. The property owner in me knows he has the right, as I do myself . And the private mind says to take a deep breath and accept reality gracefully. It’s a fine example of how conflicted my multiple selves are. And there are surely even more clamoring for attention if I let them.

Now this is America, and some would say “well if you don’t like the taxes or the zoning, vote and change it.” But votes of themselves are a kind of illusion . You must generally throw yourself into a cause to have any effect and I am not even sure this cause has any worth. 

Like much else, it all comes down to momentary spasms on my attention, soon forgotten. Nevertheless temporarily annoying. Like my neighbor . 

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