Intangible concepts like philosophy, economics, sociology and so on have only one real use. How to better understand the past to take actions in the present to control the future.

The need to do this is buried deeply in instinct. A horse does not need to think, but is able to eat grass to end hunger because it has done so before. Our ancestors similarly found food and developed systems to avoid famine.

As far as I can tell, there is no absolute way to micro predict the future. I will probably die, but I can’t tell how or when. But I can examine the past and use it this moment. Being able to do so is the beginning of philosophy, but the real application of that discipline is to let me control how I feel about that moment.

Most philosophy boils down to that. Strip away all the arcane foundations and logical superstructure and what you end up with is “ah, I feel relieved.” The consolations of philosophy.

A small thing, you would think, compared to all the grand other stuff we experience. But it is the framework into which we slot everything. How we feel about that framework is who we are. And who we are is for us the only really important thing.

How we construct that framework _ not what it is, which will vary for each of us _ is the practical use of philosophy

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