Bright early sunny September morning. Writing these messages seems to me a bit like what old time ministers did each week. That begins with a search for a topic. I could use anything at all but today I choose sunshine.

Sunshine, in this case, is an example of all that separates humans from animals and machines. In spite of rampant anthropomorphism, it is hard to imagine an oak or sparrow awaking with joy at the brilliant beams of dawn. And no matter how many scientific facts a machine intelligence could accumulate, it would never feel the multiple lifts you and I get from arising and stepping out into a beautiful day.

Some would claim that the oak feels energized, the sparrow quickens with instincts, maybe even the solar powered machine begins to do its electric tasks. My argument is that none of those can appreciate sunshine as you and I do.

Appreciation involves the moment, with all senses engaged, often with knowledge and logic lurking in the background. We tie in past and future _ other lovely moments, will it rain? We plan activities like picnics. The more humble among us give thanks for this immense miracle. Sunshine as experienced by you, is an ever-new element of your universe, never to be exactly existing before or after now.

Today sunshine makes me happy. But it is just one facet of mindful life among an infinite variety of joys.

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