Dahlia garden in full bloom a sign of summer’s end

Things can begin, as well as end, not with a bang but a whimper. After much consideration of great and epic-making efforts, I have instead decided to merely slide back into writing an almost daily blog as I did for a few years a decade ago.

I find that writing is a useful tool for my own life, even though it has no external impact. A daily one-page journal that I have kept for twenty five years has helped me remember many fine things _ even if I never reread it. The very act of focusing each day made me better able to appreciate the magnificence of existence. 

My daily thoughts are almost always only concerned with what I have come to call my “personal bubble.” No apologies. That is, after all, my “real life.” I work at making that as enchanted as possible.

Nevertheless, I am entertained constantly by news and events beyond my sphere. Some of it encourages an internal reaction, and I seek to comment on it.

But there is no room nor reason for such in my personal diary, so I will once again attempt to focus and ease the aggravation with brief quasi–essays on whatever fine and grand topics I may consider interesting at the moment.

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