Rain on patio, a multiplicity of perspectives

Individual proteins float in a vast soup where only certain three dimensional patterns fit together. It may be a metaphor for our tendency to see the universe as a duality. The basic division is whether something is interesting or irrelevant. In animals it escalates into “fight or flight,” and numerous other either/or decisions.

We carry that in our makeup. We usually think of things as exclusively this or that. If something is red it cannot be green. We try to acknowledge that there may be in-between states _ black, gray, white _ but we truly believe that if something is gray it cannot also be white black green nor red.

Of course that is all wrong as an absolute. Something can be big and small at one and the same moment depending on perspective. This leads to a lot of confusion when trying to communicate even with ourself.

Duality remains so useful in our daily life that we can never give it up. But it looms dangerously as we wander the abstractions of larger issues such as philosophy.

Unfortunately the more we try to clarify ideas the more likely we tend to fall into false duality and arrive at a crystalline, glimmering, irrelevant mistake.

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