Caumset Beach

I have decided that since the study of philosophy is necessarily illogical, I need not write about it in a logical way. I cannot declare axioms and corollaries nor trail their inevitable implications. 

So I am free to wander. Some of it must be fully personal because the core of philosophy must begin with the philosopher. Some have even questioned if anything beyond that is illusion. Should I accept that as a ground rule? Or is my feeling that there are external realities a valid philosophical bedrock? Outlining a roadmap of chapters just will not work.

So a sporadic entry referencing a jumble of what falls into my head, off my lists, from my experience, may be as valid for this project as any other approach.

Fortunately my elementary school teachers will not be grading, so each proto-essay does not even have to make much sense.  Not much different than a lot of material these days.

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