Why Kavanaugh doesn’t matter

Our hibiscus, like our mosquitoes, has had a very good year.

A lot of well-watered vegetation seems to be clinging to summer mode as desperately as I do, this first day of nominal autumn.
  • Republicans and their supporters are fighting an “any means justifies the ends” battle to shape the Supreme Court for “generations to come.”  That faith is misplaced.
  • Not much need be said about the candidate himself, a smarmy product of elite male privilege, other than that his shallow mind is focused on two social “truth systems” advanced as holy writ.  About one of those, composed near the dawn of agriculture, little need be said.  The other _ our constitution _ was written by well-meaning rich men who had no knowledge of electricity, steam power, internal combustion, women’s equality, modern science, evolution, medicine, and so forth.  It is not bad, but each word is not so contextually immaculate that it need never be interpreted, as Kavanaugh rigidly postulates.
  • The country is changing.  This is the last gasp of mean old white men and women, and a few scatterbrained younger folks who blame all their woes on something other than themselves.  In a few years,  the Republican Party will be one with the Whigs.  Their gerontocracy will crumble, before or after it destroys our current political system forever. 
  • But no matter what, a social “blue wave” _ which will no doubt fragment but which will shift power _ is going to be out for blood revenge against the current batch of senile bullies and young “freedom” punks.  Lying under oath is the least of the real or imagined malfeasance which will end up impeaching any obstructionist judges in the politics of the near future.


  • I am creeping back into this blog, pictures and text.  During my self-enforced summer hiatus in composition I thought that maybe by cutting back on daily typing I would have more time for some other things.  It has not worked out that way.
  • I miss my daily nature musing.  I miss trying to snap an appropriate picture.  It has been wonderful to let my mind clearly freefall, without conscious direction.  But, like all vacations, that gets a little boring after a while. 
  • I should apologize, I guess, for the old geezer rants on politics and the perceived ruin of the world.  But if that is the fuel I need to restart, so be it.
  • I’ve managed to preserve my daily morning handwritten journal, which has devolved into a diary of activities.  And the summer has been busy, with lots of babysitting, a few travels, and the usual round of walking, swimming, eating, reading, yardwork, and a lot of babysitting. 
  • We shall see where this goes, if anywhere, but a journey needs to begin somewhere.

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