Local Appreciation

Tiny bright daffodils are an early joy whenever they bloom
  • Almost every day, fabulous color brochures arrive in the mail begging me to travel to some of the seven million wonders of the world.  They promote an implication that it is a sin to avoid what “I must see before I die.”  Naturally, for this religious benediction, they also expect a “modest” remuneration.

Rose briars and other thorns leafing out as the sun grows stronger
  • I have instead decided to be a starry-eyed tourist beyond my own doorstep. I strive to gaze upon the glories of Huntington and Long Island as if I had never encountered them daily.  I want to delve into history and current upheavals.  To be as amazed or appalled by what happens within a mile or two miles or ten as I would be if I voyaged to Timbuktu or Hong Kong.

Species not endangered, but local wetlands skunk cabbage is threatened by a huge nasty nearby condo development.
  • Huntington events occur that are as praiseworthy or disgraceful as anywhere else in the world.  Unique heritage is destroyed to make way for modern monotony.  Wetlands are converted to shoddy condominiums.  But simultaneously parks are upgraded and modern marvels are created and sometimes what has always been manages to drag itself into the future.  People increasingly frequent public beaches while children chase geese and swans with ancient instinct.

Massive renovation in Wyncoma as Versailles-wannabees replace more modest dwellings of yesteryear.
  • My local memories are as vivid as those of distant lands.  Unfortunately, at my age all memories fade quickly.  Friends protest “but you will have photographs.”  That is true, but my pictures are no different than those I can view of anywhere anytime anyplace on the internet.  Why bother with the inconvenience and expense of going there?

Melting town snow dump evokes jagged mountain ranges, at least for those with no real mountains nearby.
  • Local concentration embeds the wisdom of trite old sayings:  “the farther you go the less you know”, “see the world in a grain of sand”, “think globally but act locally”.  Each day renews and sharpens my understanding of this universe.  Wildlife cavorts on our harbor as amazingly as on the Serengeti Plain, and I can watch it every day, with quiet time to appreciate and contemplate. There is no need for me to waste infinite dollars, infinite time, infinite aggravation, to trek somewhere that I may soon forget.

Maple belatedly beginning to flower, probably has been a good year for syrup
  • So I strive to constantly remain an out-of-towner with a fresh (if not quite innocent) mind.  There are aggravations and exultations each moment.  Success arrives as an innocent and excited eye when I spot the first crocus in bloom or the last leaf drifting down.

April, but the hits just keep on coming

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