Strangely Druidic outdoor amphitheater looms above Cold Spring Harbor

  • This is just a test entry.  I want to begin to use the dictation and photo capabilities of my cellphone.  I am working out transfers, editing, and reducing pictures properly.  Nothing particularly interesting, mostly mechanical setting up documents, folders, and working out the general flow for the future.
Test of horizontal picture from phone after reduction

  • This is a test from the manual entry into the dictation document. I am hoping that this will work quite well and this is the end of the formatting.

Test of vertical picture from phone after reduction

  • Interesting exercises to perform during a snowstorm
  • Probably more to come.

Add with greater reduction

= Day 2 =
This is a dictation at the beach where I do not have Wi-Fi
It snowed last night and gulls are crying loudly, the water is clear and blue
So far it seems to work well I will now try taking some pictures using digital close up
 -Only thing wrong was it changed “gulls” to “goals”.-

All pictures with different digital close-up, all resized to ten percent of original from phone.

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