Renewed Joy


By convention, seasons begin another annual cycle, just like the last one, but subtly different.  So also with the views and daily thoughts in my blog, each very much like each other, like all the others last year, yet each subtly charged, never quite repeating.  So, of course, each moment of my life.

I notice no difference in myself.  Yet almost all my cells, in the solar revolution past, have been replaced one or several times.  Some memories _ what I ate for breakfast in September _ are irretrievably gone, but others such as a summer wedding are deeply etched in memory.  Mysterious, incomprehensible, contradictory, awesome.  I try to great each joyous moment of existence with the respect it deserves.

North wind whips

Whitecaps rushing on
While calm geese shelter all day

Old man remembers.


Light snow drifts into a quite cold morning.  Only I see these outlined branches against the farther waters.  Dogs and their masters are waiting for better times, not yet desperate enough to brave these minor elements when they have just had the holidays to run around outside as much as they want.

As always, I carry mood within myself, although that is sometimes hard to accept.  The deep chill of short winter days seems made for depression, but it is just as beautiful as summer.  In any case, all my universe and how I seek to appreciate it lies behind these eyes, under my cap, almost immune to the physical world.

What marvels seen, such wonders come,

In passing night, each risen sun.
_Karma Save_

In spite of 5 degree temperatures, the water is too warm to even skim over yet.  Light snow refuses to melt, mud from recent rain has frozen into the consistency of steel.   A brisk wind rapidly bruises exposed skin, even taking a deep breath can be an adventure.

But the good side of all this is that I have the whole place to myself.  Even the cars are infrequent.  No dogs, no joggers, not even my casual normal fellow walkers.  I can enjoy the peace and quiet, listening to birds and the rustle of the trees.  I rarely notice how antisocial I am until I have the happiness of such moments.

Preening feathers, swan said “Behold how lovely am I, the most noble of waterfowl.”

Goose said “Yeah but you can’t do anything except drift.  We take over entire fields, and can migrate incredible distances.”

Duck said  “You never do, though.  I’m the only one around here that has to work for a living.”

“Poor birds,” old man said, turning away, “too stupid to know that I am the glory of the universe.”

Haven’t had much snow this year in spite of frigid temperatures lately.  These two inches are about it.
An appropriate blanket of forgetfulness marking the true end of another year gone.

I struggle with the recognition that I am useless and irrelevant.  I no longer share an illusion that I can affect the world.  It is important that I remain true to my culture and my time of life by appreciating it fully.  In all the infinite history of the universe, there has never been anyone like me, and never will be again.




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